Historical Fiction Possesses A Powerful Punch

Cover-ups of corruption, murder, and greed are found at the core of my latest literary historical fiction, BROKEN LEGACY, spanning a period of sixty years from 1952 to 2012. Maggie Butterfield, narrator, protagonist, and second daughter of an upper middle class Midwestern family cleverly parallels her family’s changing circumstances to a once thriving prosperous auto industry dominated small city called Anderson, Indiana.

The novel chronicles what happens to the middle class when the underbelly of corruption and greed swallow up Anderson’s rich and abundant natural resources found centuries ago by the Delaware Indians. The book is comprised of three parts: Part One, introduces the Butterfield family, typical of what most upper middle class and middle class families were depicted during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s with personal accounts of each member of the family. Part Two, intertwines the changes of Maggie into her adulthood with the first offerings of Anderson’s corrupt residents manipulating their evil agenda from the historic Fire Of 1978. Firefighters strike is settled after a block of buildings downtown between 8th and 9th Streets comes down by a forceful blaze even the volunteer firemen cannot quench. A cover-up of murder leveled at the city building inspector, silences his findings so the guilty can go on getting their way.

Part Three, finds Maggie a single mother fighting for the security of her family of three sons from a corrupt family lawyer skimming her father’s estate. In 1987, puppet mayor takes his orders from a heavily connected mentor wielding his greed and corruption over an unsuspecting city. At the advent of the Twenty-first Century in 2004, the city is left in a state of bankruptcy, dwindling population, and the ultimate pulling out of the General Motors’s billions.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Trick is the timely and provocative book needs a literary agent for the best possible publisher to get it to interested readers all over the country. Just as Maggie Butterfield does not give up despite one hurdle after another, the author will not give up no matter how long it takes. Appreciation to all who view this blog, Patty Fischer/writer/painter/mother/grandmother/working class custodian.




Delayed Reaction


The result of Trump’s win put me into a haze of quiet contemplation which might have been interpreted to my Facebook friends as rolling over and playing dead. Three days after, I realized I was in severe shock. How could Donald Trump have won with the clear choice to be Hillary Clinton? Clarity came with the grave realization that this country will slowly lose the simple inalienable rights our ‘Founding Fathers’ fought for. The oligarchy hand-picked billionaire businessman and reality show star Donald Trump. By oligarchy, I mean a small group of wealthy influential individuals to completely orchestrate the Republican campaign then onto the election. They wielded their power and vast revenue, going behind closed doors to convince leading Republican lawmakers to sit by and let the inexperienced and bigot Trump to capture the sufficient number of electoral votes.

This catastrophic event put me in mind of a mayor here in Anderson, Indiana that served from 1987 to 2004. The man was handsome, charismatic, but possessed no prior political experience with only being a high school graduate. This mayor of sorts was a puppet, a figurehead behind one of most corrupt pseudo-politicians this town had ever experienced. Having connections from the Dixie Mafia, the real man who ran the city’s affairs put our lovely town into bankruptcy and stifled any preparations for a successful transition from the looming pull out of General Motors. Now in 2016, the city has come into some improvement, but the fading middle-class is in danger of full extinction.

What does this mean for the nation? To begin, the Republican platform in play during the Bush administration will be back in full force, and the oligarchy can fully take over. Millions of minorities will be deported tearing apart their statewide families. The Congress over 51 percent dominate will continue to be ineffective for what issues that really matter. The Koch Brother Empire will have full sway to deplete our national resources. The message of ‘Climate Change’ will remain mute. Foreign policy utilized by Trump’s cronies, putting our once strong nation into a grave isolated island of despair. During his campaign, Trump was not specific on how our country would deal with ISIS and the creeping terrorism hitting small and large communities in targeted states.

One of my Facebook friends the day after the election posted, “God Help Us”. Yes, this country needs His Divine Intervention. Will He give it? By not embracing the progressive campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders and the Democratic party not having the correct pulse of the Working Class in key states, the people elected “DOOM”!


Hot Off The Press


In the breathtakingly beautiful area of Central California past Monterey and Carmel-by-the Sea is Big Sur. Most of the time, the surf crashes against the craggy cliffs giving a constant boom of nature’s conflict between land and water. Every so often, the wind calms down to whistle through the canyons along the surf. This whistling of sound is the time when evil comes to call in newest supernatural novel, “The Wind Whistles Wicked”.

The novel can also labeled a crime drama and a suspense thriller with tendencies towards an ancient legend originating from the islands of the Philippines. In 2011, I wrote my first novel, “Blood And Eggs”. This mystery introduced the legend found prevalent in Philippine folklore and oral traditions passed on in many parts of Asia. My first effort was somewhat crude but those that read it found it to be a page turner and quite chilling. In this sequel with a different name, I developed close relationships with diverse characters bonding together to lure and capture a most elusive killer.

As always when one of my books is published, I have mixed feelings. I feel elated that a project which took a year of my time and almost bringing me to acute madness has finally been brought to the public. Other feelings invade my mind: the book will not receive the promotion it deserves, and whatever promotion efforts sales might not measure up to my personal expectations. Still, a writer hopes go on.

Patty Fischer/writer/painter/blue collar worker

Blue Collar Damage Control


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In the city of Sochi located on the Black Sea coast near the border between Georgia/Abkhazia and Russia in 2007 construction preparations went underway for the 2014 Winter Olympics. These massive preparations included building of sports venues, hotels, roads, telecommunication systems, transportation hubs, and other major infrastructure. Behind this stupendous event where international audiences marvel at the ‘Best of the Best’ grave abuse ensued from those responsible for all the pre-Game work.

Seven years under construction at a cost of over 40 billion euros, another cost of appalling human rights abuse was found by media, activists, human rights organizations. A specific report of a construction worker named Mihai tragically died from electrocution. A live cable left by another worker hung low on the fence bringing Mihai down. Other co-workers who say him struck down tried to revive him to no avail he was gone. Human Rights Watch reported an estimated 70,000 migrant workers were involved in the construction crews. Many suffered long hours, unpaid wages, and overcrowded accommodations.

Workers were forced to push on without rest. Mahsud Abdujabbarov told TheBlackSea.eu that, “sometimes without even sleeping…Some workers died due to lack of concentration because they were exhausted.”

This sobering account brings me to pause as I go over the impossible task to deep clean a massive high school here in Madison County, Indiana. Most elementary and high schools in Madison and Marion counties have received a vast upgrade in size in the last twenty-five years. Even though in the U.S. human rights issues are extremely important to most lawmakers, as a Blue Collar worker, I have found administrative personnel compound the work load with a knowledge never expressed: ‘Workers are set up to fail’.

With a mere staff of nine custodians, we only had two months to finish cleaning the high school here in Central Indiana. The regular work week of eight hours a day for five days turned into twelve hours a day for a six-day work week. As a conscientious crew, all of us knew the work load as big as two of the largest Dinosaurs back to back in view forced us to take the overtime provided. We worked through despite sleep lost and the nagging exhaustion forthcoming to our minds and bodies.

Those of us in the best of physical health are fearful for the future of constant administrative demands with lack of concern for the workers’ well being and safety. Sochi, Russia was defined to be a realized extreme of a total lack of regard for workers’ human rights. Are those in power creating impossible work demands to the point of workers losing their lives in order to satisfy grandiose desires of making entertainment bigger and better? The answer to this frightening question is “Yes”, and happening on a global scale.

Midwestern Landmark Turns into Tragedy


Celebrated Mid-America Anderson Wigwam, second largest gymnasium in the nation has possessed amazing sports activity for decades. The arena hosted home games for the Anderson High School Indians, and was home to the Indiana Alley Cats of the Continental Basketball Association and the Anderson Champions of the American Basketball Association. Before construction of Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, the Indiana Pacers played several games at the Wigwam.

Many nights attending basketball games when my former high school played the Indians, I was in awe of the illuminated Indian Head driving away on 14th Street after a game. The image of a Delaware chief was constructed in mosaic tiles with a beautiful array of earth tones. At the beginning of each game inside the huge gymnasium there would be a spotlight dance of the Indian Mascot and Indian Maiden, both regaled in the traditional red and green and white dress. This auspicious sight to witness amidst thousands of fans brought tears to my eyes even though I was a student from one of the rival schools in 1969 and 1970.

This vacant Anderson landmark was a gathering of concerned voters during election year in 2008. On March 18th, U.S. Secret Service agents met with members of Anderson Police Department for a tour at the Wigwam, where Hillary Clinton was due to speak. Now in another presidential election year of 2016, the Wigwam’s future fate is unclear. A year ago, I felt compelled to recreate the Wigwam in it’s glory. The well-known Indian head captures a historic feeling of a once proud chieftain. The Indian Mascot and Indian Maiden placed carefully in the painting uploaded in this article stand at attention, their proud facial expressions and colorful dress give the viewer the sense of classic reverence that will never be forgotten.

Patty Fischer, artist of painting illustrated here, and full-time custodian at the present Anderson High School.

Let Freedom Ring!

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In 14th century England, coming in fear and trembling to the palace quarters of Queen Mary I, Princess Elizabeth was asked a question from her older sister. The princess in the midst of her unnerving imprisonment at The Tower, her sister tested Elizabeth’s thoughts on present Queen’s practices of the Catholic holy sacraments and devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Elizabeth gathered the little strength she had, and said, “I must do what my conscience dictates.” This was not the answer this Tudor queen wanted.

I have refrained from any response on my thoughts about the political rise of the Republican candidate for President, Donald Trump. Now, I must write what my conscience dictates. His impending nomination as the Republican candidate and the chance of him becoming our next president will set the country back three hundred years.

Being raised in a middle class family, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant ancestry, I have embraced diversity. Three years ago, my youngest son married a Vietnamese girl, beautiful, highly intelligent, and very much acclimated to the American way of life and language. My niece Keren, who I adore, two years ago married a Congolese man who possesses inspirational musical talents, and has set on a successful career as an engineer. Our family has been blessed to take part in a colorful, cultural part of two impressive young people from another part of the world. This very phenomenon enriches our family’s limited palette.

Mr. Trump’s stand on immigration along with this ridiculous wall will create chaos our country may never recover from. Those Republican members of Congress can mold this man toward their damaging agenda zeroing in on the ‘Working Class’ and Seniors. His foreign policy will certainly accelerate pockets of war throughout the Middle East.

Those voters considering Trump as a viable candidate need to know of a man who possesses a history of being extremely ruthless. With either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, the minimum wage will be raised to $15 an hour, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will stay in tact. Both Democratic candidates will put a cap on the rising prices of healthcare. The ‘Blueness’ of the Congress will spread, overriding the domineering ‘Red’ of the Republicans.

There are thousands of disgruntled people who have been seduced by Trump’s massive oratory skills. Listening to him closely, he speaks in vacillating generalities. No specific language of what he proposes to do on any of the major issues comes forth. On the second day of the first week of November, I challenge voters to hit a Democratic sweep locally and nationally. Do what your conscience dictates, shun from the silver-tongue of Republican treachery.

Patty Fischer/Blue Collar worker/mother/grandmother/writer/political activist





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Eighteen years ago when I began writing if I knew what I know now, I would have passed. I wrote editorials published in the Anderson Republican newspaper, some readers loved my tenacity, some were vehemently outraged. Submitting my short stories to literary magazines fell on deaf ears. My friends and co-workers praised my stories for being real and soliciting emotions as they read each subsequent page. In 2010, I completed a novel which was published in 2011. To my disappointment, the supernatural mystery laid there. I could have tossed my writing off as something to keep a solitary woman busy while suffering from ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’.

Healing my emotional wounds, my middle son read, “Blood And Eggs”. He told me without a propter from his momma, “Mom, I didn’t know you could do this! It was terrifying and sexy at the same time.” My co-workers at the hospital read the mystery saying they could not put it down. So, this writer kept writing. I have entered into a maddening spiral of ups and downs, similar to a stomach-turning rollercoaster ride.

Now, 2016, I am working on another novel, to quote: “Standing in the long narrow walk-in cooler, freezing at thirty-five degrees, I breathed in the subtle scent of tied-up bunches of white and pink carnations held in water-filled dark green canisters. My overwhelming trauma over my friend’s murder subsided.” These few sentences from a narrative women’s fiction “What Passes Between Women” got me high. So high, it reminded me of experiencing an orgasmic lover’s gift.

My apparent conundrum is the sobering fact, I am not known enough to have a literary agent. From specific dialogue from self-publishing personnel, literary agents do not take unsolicited submissions seriously until there exists significant book sales. Much like a ‘Catch-22’ situation when I was younger trying to get a job, “come back when you have more experience”. How can I get experience when no one will let me show them what I can do?

I keep writing because I have to. Writing has evolved for me like those addicted on drugs who exist in a vicious cycle: keep using to stem off the emotional and physical pain. When I don’t write, I feel utterly worthless. A barrage of words invade my mind compelling me to write. My solution as far as I see it: use certain resources to build an audience of readers. Writers and readers exist in a marriage of sorts. The sustenance for a writer is how many readers desire and seek out the writer’s end product, whether it be a blog, a short story, an essay, or a novel.


Patty Fischer/Blue Collar worker/mother/grandmother/writer

Eat That Hush Pie!

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This is my discussion, and I’m sticking to it!


A term coming out of an oral tradition, ‘Eat Hush pie’ goes back to the slavery days pricked my ears one evening at supper hour. A co-worker, Alberta demurely said to me, “Babe, you need to learn to eat Hush Pie in order not to jeopardize y’job.” I had spoke earlier in the afternoon in a meeting with my fellow custodians and the administration staff of the high school and ACS, Corp. I was so taken with the term, I held back any rancor from her soft maternal reprimand.

Alberta grew up in Alabama during the Civil Rights movement’s beginnings. She educated me on the origin of the term. Her grandmother told her during the time when slavery brought about immediate death for a slave standing up for unfair commands. ‘Having to eat Hush Pie’ was an unwritten practice in holding one’s tongue no matter how outrageous the verbal or physical rebuke. This term continued on into the Civil Rights Movement to the present.

What Alberta expressed has significance crossing racial boundaries, especially with the present climate concerning the Service Sector. In the last twenty years, the influx of outsourcing has brought about strict limitations in the Blue Collar sector where workers hold back on exercising their voice concerning corporate injustices.

On the cusp of labor relations between employer and employee defined as being on the skids comes a beacon of hope, a presidential candidate who embraces black issues and incorporates social inequality into his central platform. The man is the senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. The working class, who I have existed beside these last fifteen years are listening to him. Young voters who in the past have restrained their support in elections want to vote for Sanders.

A prominent civil rights activist and scholar, Cornel West has strongly endorsed Senator Sanders. This pivotal move on his part will cause black voters to take a second look into the candidate’s credentials on black issues. I quote a portion of West’s decision posed on Facebook.

“I do so because Brother Bernie is a long-distance runner with integrity in the struggle for justice for over 50 years. Now is the time for his prophetic voice to be heard across our crisis-ridden country, even as we push him with integrity toward a more comprehensive vision of freedom for all.”

Lofty words that speak to the very core of every American whether: Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, poor, Middle Class, Christian, Atheist, Moslem, and those of the Jewish faith.

Patty Fischer Boots/Blue Collar worker/writer/single mother and grandmother



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